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Do you offer a proof of the invitation before printing?

Yes, we offer as many proofs as you need because sometimes you won’t see things that are on the screen, but as soon as it’s printed you will notice something on your wedding invitation to change.  It could be a comma or capital letter missing or the date is wrong.  Don’t laugh - it has actually happened more than once.  I recommend printing out the proof we send to show many people.  The more pairs of eyes, the better to proof your invitation, because someone may see something on the invitation that you didn’t notice.  During the invitation process, you’ve looked at the text so many times, that it’s easier to see any mistakes when the invitation text is printed out.

We love to help you create an invitation that reflects both you and your fiance.  Using a picture and if you have a pet to include makes the invitation very personal.  Plus you can add a bit of humor and capture a fun theme!  In this wedding invitation, the couple had to wait till the snowy, cold weather was ok for their dog to participate in their wedding invitation picture.

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