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How do I create Bar Mitzvah Invitations with different cards for each event?

Some people are invited to the ceremony and party and others are invited to just the party.  

You can divide up the invitations and have a large party invitation for the bar mitzvah boys friends and other guests who are only invited to the reception.  If the guests are invited to the reception and the ceremony, then create a large ceremony invitation and have a pocket to add a reception card too.  Plus in the pocket you can add the response card and envelope and have 2 boxes for them to check if the guests are coming to both the ceremony and party.  The other guests will have response cards only with one box to check for the party or they can respond online to an email address or call in with a phone number.  Don’t forget to write on there a date to kindly reply by….  Don’t worry, I”ll help you organize the Bar Mitzvah invitation text every step of the way.

Classic and Timeless for a Bar Mitzvah invitation or add some raised ink for an elegant look.  Add some color and design for your Bar / Bat Mitzvah theme and your handmade invitations will be a reminder of this celebration.

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