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How Many Invitations Should I Order?

If you have about 200 guests coming, you would need approximately half that amount in invitations. Each invitation is sent to one household and some are couples, or singles or families. I recommend ordering 15% extra invitations because you always think of someone later.  Plus you want to keep one as a souvenir for yourselves.  Keep in mind that an invitation can be lost in the mail or your mom or mother-in-law thinks of a few more people to invite.  Or you gave one to a neighbor and remember another neighbor that you need to give an invitation to or a colleague that would be hurt not to be invited.  Or a few out of towners can’t come and you need to send out a second batch to guests from list B.   If you order again, it’s a whole new order and the cost is more per unit.

Our stunning lasercut collection is so breathtaking!  It’s like opening up a special gift for each guest.  These handmade invitations really set the tone for an upscale wedding.  We offer them in glitter, lace or as a pocket or with ribbons.  We can add pearls or a plush ribbon to each lasercut. As soon as you’re ready to start your process, just purchase a deposit listing and you’ll soon have the invitation  of your dreams! | Blueberry Invitations

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