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After living in 3 different countries and moving 18 times in our 28 years together, Mordy and I have met so many wonderful people and enjoy different cultures and experiences.   I always knew I’d love working with people from different cultures and hearing about their customs and family traditions. 


We used to be in the printing industry, but wanted to do something more artistic and I started making handmade wedding invitations and meeting brides from all over the world.  Working as a husband / wife team has been incredible and now three of my sons are also involved in our family business.  My two passions are family and invitations!  In that order of course…  I have four boys and my world completely revolves around them and it’s so amazing to have everyone help out with our wedding business.  


My favorite part of creating handmade invitations is to have the brides vision made into something even more amazing then she could have imagined.  Her invitations are the first impression to her special day and I am so grateful to be a part of it.


Julie & Mordy

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